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My Love for Power Walking

I like to say the ideal age in life is 65. You’re (hopefully) done working, you’re still young enough to do things, and you’re finally socially acceptable power walking age.  So many times, I find myself walking on a path or street with several people; I’m the youngest one, and I’m the only one walking.

Don’t get me wrong I run too.  I’m a fairly good runner, but it’s just not as enjoyable as going for a nice walk.  Power walking is something I have loved for years.  Being a teacher, I often say summer is my walking season. A good day for me always involves a walk.  I don’t consider that a workout, if anything it’s more like therapy.



Some days I listen to music, some days it’s a podcast, but often times I don’t listen to anything. I get in my own head and enjoy the fresh air.  It’s on walks when I think of lesson plans, when I calm my anxiety, or when I instantly improve my mood.



I should probably get a dog so I don’t become that crazy woman who is constantly doing laps around the neighborhood. I’m dangerously close to small hand weights and a matching jump suit. It’s just a matter of time.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you.  However you’re feeling, a walk can only do good.

Happy walking, friends!

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